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Safety Management Made Easy

SiteSafe360 is a simple, easy-to-use safety management app to help identify, report and control hazards or record incidents. Through this cost-effective solution, you can report, assign, track and get real-time insights to improve your workplace safety. A safer workplace leads to increased productivity, happier workers and healthier bottom-lines. Whether it’s for office, store, workshop, venue or construction site, SiteSafe360 will give you the control and flexibility to improve your safety.

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Master Builders
Canberra Bussiness Chamber
workplace safety forum

The trusted safety app for all mobile devices as well as desktop and laptops. Making it easier than ever to get your entire team involved with safety. Realtime reporting can be done from a mobile device and actioned from another mobile or desktop.

The real time data feed allows for instantaneous reporting metrics within the portal. You can view opened and closed hazards, by category, by risk and against incidents allowing you to focus your resources where they are needed most to improve your safety performance.

  • Save time and money

As early adopters of smart safety tools that provide real
value to your business.

  • Reduce Insurance premiums

Reduced Insurance Premiums through less workers
complaint claims.

  • Digitisation lead

No more paper. Digitise the entire process of reporting through the lifecycle of activity.

  • Evidence based reporting

Reporting metrics give tangible evidence for enhancing
safety strategies.

  • Increase your reputation

As an engaged and committed safety first employer who
invests in your most valuable assets, people!

  • Manage safety compliance*

Through an evidence based accountability system.


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Simple, Efficient and
Easy to use

Digitisation of all Hazard
and Incident Activity

Cloud Based Solutions

Hierarchical Permission
Based System

Real Time Dashboard

Measure your Safety

Key Features

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