Our innovative work safety identification and reporting system will empower your entire work force to act on safety. Identify, report and control hazards and record incidents in real time, on any work site on any device.

how it works

Who we Are

A team of industry experts with a common altruistic vision of injury prevention and saving lives in work environments.

What We Do

Harness technology to develop work safety solutions that minimise the risk of injury, trauma and accidents.

How we Work

By empowering all workers and employees to be safety advocates in their work place.

Our Support

Our customer support system is one of the most vital aspects of our service offer, helping our customers to resolve their queries.

Find Out How SiteSafe360 Benefits Your Organisation

Save time and money

As early adopters of smart safety tools that provide real value to your business.

Insurance premiums

Reduced Insurance Premiums through less workers complaint claims.


No more paper. Digitise the entire process of reporting through the lifecycle of activity.

Evidence based reporting

Reporting metrics give tangible evidence for enhancing safety strategies.

increase your reputation

As an engaged and committed safety first employer who invests in your most valuable assets, people!

manage safety compliance*

Through an evidence based accountability system.

Key Features

Simple, Efficient and Easy to use

30 seconds is all it takes to complete the identification, delegation and mitigation of work place hazards and incidents.

Cloud Based Solutions

Secure and encrypted data protection ensures your privacy and allows access any time, any location, any device.

Real Time Dashboard Reporting

All your reports are available immediately with detailed activity analysis.

Digitisation of  all Hazard and Incident Activity

Lifecycle of all hazards and incidents is handled, tracked and recorded easily and efficiently on a digital platform.

Hierarchical Permission Based System

Site Safe360 manages complex organisational structures with built in redundancies, escalations and management controls.

Measure your Safety Performance

Either across a site, a location or entire company at a glance.

Register and report in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Register through the web portal to create your profile then download the app.

Step 2

Capture a work place hazard / incident, enter the details and submit.

Step 3

Notifications sent to appointed personnel to manage resources for repairs and controls.

Step 4

After repair is made, you and the responsible team receive notification of closure.

Free to download, the app will allow you to start reporting hazards or incidents but as the app is linked to the web based administration portal, your reports will be unmonitored and unable to be actioned until you and your company (organisation) are registered in the system. Once registration is complete, you will receive an email and instructions on downloading the app. Then you will be good to go and start reporting hazards on your work site.  

Stay Connected 

Download and install the app on your phone to keep an eye on safety